Dangerous Toys a Risk for Portland Kids

Any time a new toy is bought, parents should check it carefully to ensure that it’s age appropriate and it does not contain choking hazards for small children.

Portland Tractor-Trailer Accidents and HOS Limits

An Oregon truck accident caused the death of a 26-year-old victim after a semi-truck pulling a trailer reportedly hit the young man’s vehicle from behind and drove over it. The victim’s Acura was crushed and pinned beneath the semi truck, which then proceeded to rear-end another truck after rolling over the car. According to KATU, […]

Portland Bicycle Accidents in Focus

Under the laws in Oregon, certain individuals on the road are described as “vulnerable user[s] of a public way.” These individuals include farm tractors; skateboarders, roller-skaters, inline-skaters, people on scooters, and bicyclists. Individuals within these categories are considered vulnerable because they have an increased chance of being severely harmed in a collision. Motorists are expected […]