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Common Slip and Falls

We Handle Many Types of Slip and Fall Accidents in Oregon and Washington

Slip and fall accidents can happen at the most unexpected times—strolling the aisle of a grocery store, walking along a sidewalk, or heading to your car in a busy parking lot. While most slip-and-fall accident injuries tend to be minor, such as bruising, scrapes, cuts, and the occasional broken bone or sprained ankle, some accidents lead to more severe injuries, like concussions or other types of traumatic brain injuries. At Zbinden & Curtis Attorneys At Law, we do everything we can to make sure the individual or parties responsible for your injuries are held legally and financially accountable for their failure to keep the premises free of hazards and safety threats.

Where Slip and Fall Accidents Are Most Likely to Occur

There are numerous places where slip and fall accidents may occur. If a proprietor or the city fails to maintain a sidewalk or other publicly-owned area (i.e., they neglect to repair a dangerous pothole or uneven surface), you may be able to pursue a claim against them. Other slip and fall liability cases include unsafe or extremely narrow stairways, torn carpeting, uneven flooring, poor lighting, wet floors, and other safety code violations. Slip and fall accidents can happen anywhere, including sidewalks or parking lots. If you suffer an injury while renting an apartment or house, you may be able to initiate a case against your landlord. Or, you may be moving through a restaurant or shopping mall and suffer a slip and fall injury because of the property owner’s failure to ensure your safety. Whatever the specifics of your case may be, our dedicated slip-and-fall accident lawyers are ready to help you determine the most appropriate and strategic path forward.

Helping You Obtain the Compensation You Deserve

Depending on the specifics of your slip and fall accident case, you may be entitled to secure compensation for any medical costs, lost wages, lost income earning potential, diminished quality of life, and pain and suffering resulting from the incident. When you enlist the help of Zbinden & Curtis Attorneys At Law, you can trust that we will advocate passionately on your behalf.


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