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Premises Liability Attorneys

Helping You Pursue a Successful Premises Liability Claim in Oregon

Premises liability is a crucial aspect of personal injury law, ensuring that business owners and property owners in Oregon maintain safe environments for customers and visitors. When accidents occur due to the negligence of these property owners, victims may be entitled to compensation for their losses. At Zbinden & Curtis Attorneys At Law, our experienced team of premises liability attorneys is committed to guiding you through the claims process, helping you secure the compensation you deserve.

Understanding Premises Liability in Oregon

Premises liability is a legal concept that holds property owners accountable for maintaining a safe environment for anyone who enters their premises. It covers various scenarios, including slip and fall accidents, trip hazards, inadequate security, and other incidents that result in injuries. In Oregon, property owners have a duty of care to ensure their premises are free from hazards. When they fail to fulfill this responsibility, they may be held liable for any resulting injuries.

The Importance of Experienced Attorneys

Navigating the complexities of premises liability cases requires specialized legal knowledge and experience. At Zbinden & Curtis Attorneys At Law, our skilled premises liability attorneys possess the expertise needed to build strong cases on your behalf. We thoroughly investigate the circumstances surrounding your accident, collect evidence, interview witnesses, and analyze relevant laws and regulations to develop a robust strategy for pursuing your claim.

Types of Premises Liability Cases We Handle

Our firm has successfully represented clients in a wide range of premises liability cases throughout Oregon. Some common scenarios where premises liability claims arise include:

  1. Slip and Fall Accidents: These often occur when hazardous conditions like wet floors, uneven surfaces, or debris lead to slips, trips, and falls, causing injuries to visitors. Property owners owe a duty of care to their visitors, customers, and employees alike. Proof of negligence in this duty can hold them responsible for injuries that occur.
  2. Inadequate Security: Property owners are responsible for providing adequate security measures to protect visitors from foreseeable criminal activities. For instance, a parking lot with inadequate lighting and no security cameras could make it more accommodating for criminal activity. Failure to address situations like this may lead to liability for injuries resulting from assaults, robberies, or other crimes.
  3. Poor Maintenance: When property owners neglect regular maintenance, such as repairing broken stairs or loose handrails, accidents resulting in injuries may occur.
  4. Hazardous Conditions: Property owners must promptly address hazardous conditions like icy walkways, poorly lit areas, or dangerous construction zones to prevent accidents.
  5. Dog Bites: If a property owner’s dog bites or attacks a visitor, the owner may be liable for the injuries caused.

Building a Strong Premises Liability Claim

To ensure the success of your premises liability claim, our attorneys follow a strategic approach designed to maximize your chances of obtaining fair compensation. We meticulously gather evidence, such as photographs, surveillance footage, accident reports, and medical records, to establish the property owner’s negligence. Additionally, we consult with experts, such as engineers or safety specialists, to provide professional opinions supporting your claim.

The Role of Comparative Negligence

Oregon follows a comparative negligence system, which means the compensation awarded to an injured party may be reduced if they are found partially at fault for the accident. Our skilled premises liability attorneys understand how this doctrine can impact your claim and will work diligently to minimize any potential reduction in compensation.

Consulting a Dedicated Portland Premises Liability Lawyer

If you’ve suffered injuries due to a property owner’s negligence, seeking legal representation from our dedicated premises liability attorneys can make all the difference. During a consultation, we will listen to the details of your case, assess the strength of your claim, and discuss the potential compensation you may be entitled to receive.

Contact Our Experienced Premises Liability Attorneys Today

If you or a loved one has been injured due to a property owner’s negligence, don’t hesitate to reach out to our seasoned premises liability attorneys. Schedule a consultation today and take the first step towards securing the justice and compensation you rightfully deserve. Remember, you don’t have to face this challenging situation alone – we are here to stand with you and advocate for your best interests.

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