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How an Experienced Attorney Can Help in a Premises Liability Case in Portland

When you go out and about in the world, you expect to be safe. If you’re on someone’s property and you hurt yourself, you may have to pay expensive medical bills and miss out on work while you get treatment. Your costs can add up pretty quickly. But with a premises liability attorney in Portland, you have a shot at getting the compensation you deserve and the support you need at this time.

Learn more about premises liability, and then call an attorney to help you with your case.

What Is Premises Liability?

Premises liability refers to a type of personal injury. Basically, if you go on someone else’s property — whether it’s private, public, or government-owned – and you get injured due to their neglect, you could potentially bring forth a premises liability lawsuit. An owner can only be held liable if it’s found that they were responsible for whatever injured you.

By working with an experienced premises liability attorney in Portland, you can get your case up and running. Here are some ways in which your attorney will help you.

They Will See Who Was Responsible for Your Injuries

There could be more than one responsible party. A store manager, as opposed to a property manager, might be liable. You won’t know until you investigate with the help of a premises liability attorney.

They Will Negotiate With the Insurance Company

The insurance company will try to give you as little compensation as possible after your accident. They are not known for paying out proper settlements. This could really hurt you in the long run, especially if your injury turns out to be more serious than you previously imagined. An attorney could get you the right amount of compensation based on your expenses.

They Can Connect You With Their Network of Providers

Let’s say you are underinsured or uninsured and you can’t get treatment. So now, you’re thinking about accepting an offer from the insurance company even though it’s way too late. Instead of doing that, you can receive care from the attorney’s network of medical providers. Then, once you receive your settlement, the providers will take their cut in order to pay themselves.

They Will Give You Time to Heal

If you are negotiating with the insurance company and/or property owner on your own, you could get stressed. You may not have time to focus on healing. With an attorney doing the work for you, you can take time off to get better and not have to be anxious about your case.

Finding a Premises Liability Attorney

Thankfully, premises liability attorneys do not charge anything upfront – you only pay out of your settlement if they can get you compensation for your accident and injuries. Make sure you find one who has the experience and the case results to back up their work. Then, you’ll know you’re in good hands and have a chance of winning a settlement.

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