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How Do I Know if I Have an Auto Accident Claim Worth Pursuing in Portland?

You just got into an auto accident, and now you’re wondering if you should pursue a claim with the help of a lawyer or let it be. Find out what the criteria for a claim is, and why you should always contact a lawyer after an auto accident before you make the decision on your own.

Determining if You Should Pursue a Claim

If you get injured in an auto accident, you should most certainly pursue a claim. But what if you didn’t get injured? Or what if your injuries were minor? Perhaps you suffered from whiplash, but that’s it. Is it really worth it to get a lawyer?

The answer is yes. It’s a good idea to ask a lawyer about your case. You never know how your injuries might surface over time. Your back and neck may not hurt so much right now, for instance, but what if that dull pain takes months to go away? You’ll need a bit of treatment, at the very least. The pain could also get worse.

Additionally, you may not realize all the expenses you’ll need to cover at the moment. You might be facing high medical bills and a loss of wages from having to take off work for your treatments. You could also be eligible for pain and suffering damages, future loss of wages, and a loss of enjoyment of life if you can’t partake in your favorite activities anymore.

It’s only possible to figure these things out if you have an experienced lawyer on your side.

Negotiating With the Insurance Company

Unfortunately, insurance companies don’t provide suitable settlements… unless a lawyer steps in and negotiates with them. If you get into an auto accident in Portland, the insurance company might offer you a low settlement… if they offer you a settlement at all. You might think that you need to accept this settlement because it’s your only chance to get some compensation. This is simply not true.

When the insurance company calls you, you should not reveal the details about the accident or tell them you were injured. They’re going to take a recorded statement and could use it against you so that they don’t have to give you a settlement. Instead of talking with them, you should get in touch with a personal injury lawyer to negotiate for you. They have experience dealing with the insurance company and know what to say and do to get the maximum compensation possible.

Plus, you’ll know that your lawyer is handling your case, so you can have the time to focus on treating your injuries and healing from them. All you need to do is keep getting treatment and provide your lawyer with the evidence they need to push your case forward. You can find a lawyer and get a free consultation. You’ll only need to pay them if you win. You truly have nothing to lose – only something to gain – by contacting a lawyer.

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