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How Proof of Injuries Can Help With Slip and Fall Cases in Woodburn

You slipped and fell while you were shopping. Or, perhaps you were at your friend’s house and fell while you were coming up their porch. No matter what the circumstances are surrounding your slip and fall accident, now you’re dealing with injuries as a result of it.

Find out why you need proof of your injuries and how it can help with your slip and fall case in Woodburn.

Why Proof of Injuries Is Important

When you make a claim with the responsible party’s insurance company, you can’t just say you slipped and fell and got injured. Instead, you need proof to back up this claim. If you don’t have proof, your settlement will be for much less, if you’re able to get one at all. As soon as the accident happens, it’s up to you to start collecting proof.

What Proof Is Needed?

When the accident happens, start collecting evidence right away. This can come in the form of witness statements, pictures of the scene, as well as your visible injuries and damage to your belongings, and a report that you made to the store, if applicable. Write down what happened so that you don’t forget the key details.

Then, go to the hospital to treat your injuries, and get X-rays to see if there is any internal damage. Your medical records will be used as proof of your injuries. Make sure that you stay on top of your treatment plan, going to appointments and taking medicine as necessary. Listen to your doctor and do what they say. Otherwise, it may look like your injuries aren’t that serious, or you aren’t taking them seriously. That could hurt your case.

What if I Don’t Have Proof?

Let’s say that the slip and fall accident happened, but you didn’t collect any proof at the time. Now what?

You can call a personal injury lawyer to help you get the proof you need. If you went to the hospital, they will be able to pull your medical records for you. If you didn’t go, you still can go and see if the doctor is able to treat you.

A personal injury lawyer may be able to get video footage from nearby cameras that recorded what happened or try to find witnesses.

However, you need to keep in mind that the more time that passes since your accident occurred, the harder it will be for your lawyer to get proof. For example, video footage might get erased at the end of the week or month, which means you can’t gather it. As soon as your accident happens, you should be in touch with a lawyer.

There is a two-year statute of limitations, but you shouldn’t wait that long to file your claim. Find a personal injury lawyer who can help you bring forth your case and get you a settlement for your slip and fall accident.

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