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Preventing Portland Back-Over Accidents With Rear View Cameras

Back-over collisions occur if a driver is reversing his vehicle and strikes a person who was behind the car. Kids are the most likely victims. These types of crashes can happen because drivers have a blind spot in the back of their vehicles where they cannot see people and objects in their path.

A personal injury lawyer understands some larger cars tend to have bigger blind spots and thus there is a greater risk of a back-over crash.

Preventing back-over collisions requires drivers to follow some basic safety precautions, such as walking behind their vehicle to check for objects or people before starting to drive. A recent study from AAA and reported on the Auto Channel  also found the installation of rear view cameras could make a substantial difference in preventing a collision from occurring.

Rear view Cameras Can Reduce Back-over Collision Dangers in Portland 

AAA tested 17 different cars made by 11 different vehicle manufacturers. Some of the cars had factory-installed systems and others had aftermarket systems that were installed later. Overall, a 46 percent increase in rear visibility occurred due to the cameras. The biggest improvement in visibility for drivers occurred in the 10 feet immediately behind the car. This is the most dangerous area for kids, as young children can often come into this area and go unseen.

Kids and Cars indicates that each week, 50 kids in the U.S. are the victims of back-over crashes. As a result of these collisions, 48 children need treatment in a hospital and two children are killed. Around 60 percent of the deadly collisions occur when drivers are in larger cars like vans, sport utility vehicles and trucks, and the parent or a close relative of the child is the driver of the car in around 70 percent of instances.

Hatchbacks, which are a particularly dangerous car, could achieve a 75 percent increase in rear visibility if a back-over camera was installed.  Sedans, which tend to have better visibility to begin with, also got a 36 percent improvement.  Since these cameras made such a big impact, parents and relatives of young kids should very strongly consider having a rear view camera installed in their car or choosing a vehicle that comes with this technology.

Unfortunately, not all cars today have rear view cameras even though this safety technology can save lives. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) believes rear view cameras are important and is mandating that they be installed in all vehicles. However, the mandate does not go into effect until 2016. Until the cameras are a standard offering, parents will need to shop around.

AAA does caution rear view cameras are not a guarantee that no back-over crashes will occur. Drivers should be sure to walk behind their vehicles as part of their standard practice, but should also make a point to wipe off the camera while they do this walk so they can ensure it is free of debris.  Bad weather can also have an impact on how well cameras work. The bottom line is, drivers need to remember to exercise reasonable care in pulling out even when a camera is being used.

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