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What Should I Know About Car Accidents in Oregon?

Getting into a car accident can be very jarring. You could potentially suffer from serious injuries as well as have to make expensive repairs to your car to get it back up and running. You haven’t dealt with something like this before, and you aren’t sure how to move forward.

That’s why it’s important to learn about car accidents in Oregon. Then, you can be prepared for what’s ahead and find out how to protect yourself at this time.

Here is some critical information you should know.

You Should File a Police Report

As soon as your accident happens, file a police report and request a copy of your report. Tell the officers everything that happened, and don’t lie about anything. You could get into trouble.

You Need to Collect Proof

You’ll need to collect proof to show that the other driver was responsible for the accident. Even if you were partly responsible, you might be able to retrieve compensation. If your responsibility for the accident is 50% or less, you could get a settlement. But you shouldn’t make that determination on your own; you should ask a lawyer to help you.

Proof can come in the form of witness statements from people who saw the accident happen, photographs of the accident, damage to your car and the other driver’s car and license plate, and videos from cameras that recorded the accident. If the other driver’s cell phone is in the seat of their car, snapping a picture of that could be very helpful and prove that they weren’t paying attention.

You Have to Go to the Hospital

If you’re injured, go to the hospital as soon as you’re finished gathering evidence. There, get a full check up, including X-rays. Do what your doctor tells you to do. Staying on top of your treatment plan is critical because it shows that you’re taking your injuries seriously. This means taking medications they prescribe you, going to follow-up appointments, etc. If you fail to keep up with treatment, it could hurt your case.

You Can’t Talk to the Insurance Company

The insurance company is going to call you soon after the accident and try to get a recorded statement from you. If they collect this, they can then use it to offer you a low settlement – or no settlement at all. That’s why it’s best not to talk to the insurance company until you’ve discussed your accident with a lawyer instead.

You Should Reach Out to a Personal Injury Lawyer

A personal injury lawyer will help you collect evidence and negotiate with the insurance company so you can heal from your injuries at this time. They will only charge you a fee – which you will know ahead of time – if they can get you a settlement. All you need to do is get in touch and let them do the bulk of the work for you. You will then have a chance of receiving a settlement that’s rightfully yours.

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